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So, you're getting all the amazing features and DFY sites you got with WP Twin Pro, plus these essential features to have success much faster like:

Auto Backup

What if your site suddenly goes down and you didn't back it up for awhile?

You'd be in HUGE trouble. But, not anymore with the autobackup feature of WP Twin.


Now you can sell more sites for more money with even more DFY, fully optimized sites ready to be cloned.

Outsourcers License

Now you can have outsourcers research the businesses or long-tail affiliate keywords for you, and set up your cloned sites on total autopilot.

5000+ Whitelabel
Image Suite

Look, to really succeed with WP Twin you need to not just clone sites, but make them unique in the process. Now you'll get 5000+ stock images (not free image junk) you can quickly use to make your cloned sites stand out!

Site Reseller

You'll get video training on how to actually get the clients to sell your fully optimized, cloned sites to. Yes, you have the awesome technology, but still need the 'know how' to make it work!

Salesletter Clone

You'll get a series of proven sales letters, including a WordPress version one you can clone and edit quickly as your own!

Resell Rights to
Spokesperson Videos

With the Platinum license, you'll also get a set of DFY spokesperson videos to integrate into your cloned sites. These can be rebranded with your own logos and can be used for a variety of different instances.

Not a plugin!

The autobackup solution is not a plugin, so you don't have to worry if your site suddenly crashes!

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your site is fully auto-backed up
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What would happen if suddenly your site went down due to a bad plugin or theme update...

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That's why you need the auto-backup solution... to never worry again about losing your business.

And you're going to make far more money with 6 MORE DFY cloned sites like these:

Craft Beer Theme

Tap into a growing, untapped niche with this amazing theme. Certainly the best craft beer theme on the Internet and hardly anyone is trying to tap into this niche!

See Demo

Finance Theme

Local finance businesses can pay a ton for great marketing help, and this theme looks both clean and highly professional... very easy to sell.

See Demo

'Restaurant Theme'

A versatile but great looking restaurant theme to use for a variety of restaurant types.

See Demo

Baby Clothing Niche Theme

The baby market is HUGE and you can tap into it easily with this great looking baby affiliate theme, fast.

See Demo

Gamer Niche

The perfect 'video game' niche to sell multiple video games from or clone for popular video game titles that come out! Big time opportunity

See Demo

Makeup Niche

Instantly clone this gorgeous makeup/beauty theme for different niches in the makeup space and profit. Easy to set up and get started importing products.

See Demo

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Price increases in:

WpTwin Special Platinum


Are you really going to trust yourself to manually backup your site everyday? Do you backup your computer every day?

All it takes is only little update or line of bad code from a theme to tank your sites and your business.

Or worse, your offline clients sites... which could lead to legal damage even.
Why not save the stress and let WP Twin Platinum do all the heavy lifting and autobackup for you?

And remember, there's no other plugin like this that can back up everything, including big sites... so there's certainly no solution out there that can do it hands-free, too.
Do yourself a favor and upgrade now while you still can.

F.A. Q.

QAre these extra features and trainings really essential to my WP Twin campaigns and site security?
A:You don't have to have these features to still have success using and selling WP Twin cloned sites. However, wouldn't it be nice just to set up the autobackup once and never have to worry about it again? If you don't have the autobackup feature and you forget to backup your site... you could be out of luck restoring your site correctly. Plus, if you get just one sale of ANY of the extra DFY cloned sites or one little affiliate commission... essentially you've paid for WP Twin Platinum.
QDo I still get all the features on the front end version of WP Twin?
A:Yes, you' ll get all the features and 6 cloned sites plus all the special features of WP Twin Platinum offer, like the autobackup and more DFY sites.
QI'll be able to think about it then come back to this page later when I'm ready... right?
A:Sorry, but WP Twin Platinum is really just a one-time-opportunity and the price will actually increase in a few hours. Plus, we will have to take down the page completely soon as to make sure the customers who bought get amazing results and give us great testimonials to add to our proof.