Warning to all WordPress users:
Your website could be taken away from you at
any time, without notice! Now you can save it with...

WP TWIN:The Ultimate, Time-
Tested Site Backup, Clone,
Move, and Restore Solution
Available Today!

WP Twin has cloned over
2,000,000+ sites and put serious cash
in its owner's pockets, too
. Watch how
easy it is to use and secretly profit from now:

What would YOU do...?

Imagine you wake up tomorrow morning and you're suddenly locked out of your own website.

You try to reset your password, but it's not letting you. Then it dawns on you... you've been HACKED.

Out of nowhere, a hacker has found a new loophole in WordPress, allowing him to get direct access to your password, your website, and even your income.

Worse, he now has access to all your sensitive, private information like passwords, financial details, customers, and all kinds of other top secret info he could steal and delete that's stored inside your WordPress database.

It's easy to think this will never happen to you, but statistics show it's only a matter of time before YOUR WordPress website gets hacked.

And it's not just hackers that can
take your website away from you...

Bad plugins

Server crashes


User errors

Deleted files

Bad commands

Buggy updates

...there are tons of things that can kill your website at any given time.

Just think...

All that hard work, traffic, and money down the pan!

All your traffic...

... GONE

All your sales...

... GONE

All the content that you've spent days, weeks, or even months creating...

... GONE

All your headlines, descriptions, tags, captions...

... plugins and configurations...

... visitor comments...

... themes...

... media...

... settings...

... databases...

... everything gone...

... in the blink of an eye.

So, how do you really protect
yourself today?

If you want to protect your WordPress website and your income
before it gets ripped away from you... then there's only one true,
time-tested solution available...

WP Twin

The best, time-tested site backup and restore solution (and ultimate marketing weapon)

Just upload the WP Twin script to your site, click
clone, and boom... you've just created a carbon copy
of your website, including:

  • Your pages and posts
  • Apps
  • Settings
  • Data
  • Content
  • Comments
  • Plugins
  • Active and inactive themes
  • User accounts
  • Media
  • WP core
  • WP database ...

...all safely cloned, ready to move to another domain
or server if your current website ever goes down for
any size site.

But, WP Twin isn't just for backing up and saving sites.

It's the ultimate marketers
weapon, too!

WP Twin allows you to create affiliate websites or local
biz websites for clients in just a couple of clicks.

Now, you can bypass hours, days, or even weeks of manual labor
and instantly set up a perfect clone of any website you want in
seconds to rank for different long-tail keywords...

...and be on your way to making a full time affiliate income like
we do here:

Watch the demo video to see how easy it is to clone and deploy a site:

Just SOME of front-end features alone include:


Don't settle for using a
backup plugin that will go
down along with your site!
It doesn't matter what you
use to backup, clone, and
deploy your sites... as long
as you have an Internet
connection you can do it.


Upload WP Twin to your
site, go there, and click
clone. That's it... you're
done! Download your clone
file or if you want to restore
later, just upload your WP
Twin clone file and click


Everything you want on
your WP site can be
cloned. Posts,
permalinks, etc.


Let's say you update to
the latest version of
WordPress and your blog
breaks. What do you do?
Well, if you cloned the
older version - you can
easily restore it. Doesn't
matter what version you
started or ended with.


While 98.7% of plugins and
softwares die within a year
of their launch, we have
been constantly updating
WP Twin with the latest
technology so you can be
assured it will work
perfectly now, and forever.


Instead of going through the
manual process of creating
niche sites... imagine cloning
successful sites for different
longtail keywords with one


Doesn't matter if you use
WishList Member, Optimize
Press or another
membership site builder
with 1 or 100 levels. You can
clone the entire thing for a
new product with just one


Want to sell to offline based
stores? Set up a perfect
dentist optimizes WP site
and sell it over & over again
to different businesses with
just a click.


You can easily move your
WP site to a new host or
new domain in just a few
clicks of a button.


Rapid Crush, Inc has trained
support agents operating the
desk at all times so you're
guaranteed to get a response to
any question fast... often under 1 hour!

Back-up and clone your WordPress
website in just 4 clicks...

Upload the clone script to your WordPress site.
Click a button to clone your WordPress site
Download the clone to your computer and upload to any site to deploy it.
Click to launch your clone on your new domain and marvel in delight at how easy it is

But it's not just a backup tool...

Look at the money you could be making
with this...

  • Want to rank your affiliate niche site for a different keyword?

    Just clone it and upload to a new domain!
  • Need to make a new membership site for a different product, but don't want to start from scratch?

    Just clone your membership and upload to a new directory or new domain, switch out your products, and you're ready to go!
  • Need a new sales letter, OTO pages, download pages for your next launch?

    Just clone them, change the text and buy buttons, and
    you're ready to start taking orders!
  • Want to sell websites to offline businesses?

    Set up a great looking niche site like a fully optimized site for local dentists, lawyers, chiropractors, etc. and clone them over and over for new clients with no extra work needed. Now you can use this simple clone to win dozens more clients and pocket tons of extra cash each week!

NEVER build a new website from scratch again!

Let's face it... creating new websites is a real chore. Repeating the same steps over and over just to get it online. YUCK!

With WP Twin, you'll never have to build another website from scratch again!

Just clone your winning website along with your theme, settings, layout, placeholder content, and now you can use this clone to create new websites in seconds without repeating the same work over and over.

It's no surprise that...

WP Twin has been used by 10,000+ customers ...

...So this isn't another 'launch and gone' product with little to no
support like the junk that's usually pushed out there.

Wp Twin has successfully cloned and deployed WordPress sites OVER 2 MILLION TIMES!

This is easy to use!

All I can say Finally! This is easy to use.

I have been putting of building my niche site because of the time involved getting the WP site set up

Now I have one main site with all the plugins setup I can create site lightning fast.

Kevin C.

What a safety net!

WP Twin is an incredible time saver! I really appreciate the simplicity of how easy it is to clone a WordPress site.

In the event my sites ever get hacked or have some other catastrophic failure, I can be up and running again, in a matter of minutes, without loosing a post or a comment! What a safety net!site lightning fast.

Bob L.

handled all 4GB of my site with ease

It was SIMPLE and actually fun. I was unsure how it would handle my site - it is large and has a lot of images.

WP Twin handled all 4GB of my site with ease. I was able to use it to move my site from one hosting provider to another.

Without this tool, I would have spent WAAAAAY too much time migrating on my own. I think that I was able to enjoy my weekend instead of have the headache.

Mike P.

Which is why WP Twin is ...

The only WordPress backup and clone tool you'll ever need!

Other services

WP Twin

Clones entire website (including all apps, themes, content, settings, etc)



Works with all WordPress versions



Free DFY Sites to Clone



Clone ANY size website



Not just a plugin



Unlimited backups and restores



Average price: $27 per/month

Regular price: $297

Today's special deal: $24.95 for Agency Rights – no recurring fees!


But wait! There's more...

Order right now and you're getting
6 done-for-you websites that you can
clone with WP Twin and start making
money with tomorrow!

That's right... order right now and you're also getting 6 full blown,
already cloned sites ready to deploy over and over and use for yourself or sell including:

3x affiliate theme sites to replicate for different long-tail keywords.

Simply clone and reuse these websites to target all kinds of
niches and long-tail keywords!

'Survival' Niche Theme SEE DEMO

This is a theme with some real bite. Easily clone this gorgeous theme for survival, outdoors, or adventure niche keywords and profit easily

'Pets' Niche Theme

It's difficult NOT to make money in the animal and pet niche online, and with gorgeous theme you'll easily be able to suck up more engagement and traffic. It's mobile responsive, has Google fonts built in, and works with Woo Commerce products to quickly set up pet affiliate products.

'Home and Garden'Theme SEE DEMO

Want to make more affiliate money faster? Just sell higher priced affiliate products like home and garden products! This beautiful theme will allow you to do that easily with multiple layout options, drag/drop builder, content settings, Google fonts built in, and more!

3x DFY offline sites to resell to brick and mortar companies.

Now you can clone, tweak and resell these websites over
and over again to offline biz owners, instantly adding a brand-new
income stream to your business!

Local 'Dentist' Site

An amazing looking site for local dentists (or other local professionals) with social media widgets, drag/drop builder, and more!

Real Estate Agent Site SEE DEMO

Local real estate agents are a huge market and this gorgeous theme will guarantee you to get sales. Comes with content modules and ability to showcase listings!

BBQ Restaurant Theme SEE DEMO

This theme not only looks amazing, but comes with a built-in menu generator allowing you to display menu items as a grid or list!

These 6 READY-MADE websites are fully optimized with:
  • Caching plugins, Site-map ones, Yoast SEO, etc.
  • Optimized permalink structure
  • Private policy pages, about us pages, contact pages set up
  • GEO map plugins ready to go (for offline businesses)

These 6 ready-made websites could easily cost you between $1500-$3450 to build from scratch, but they're yours FREE to use, reuse, and even resell to clients today!

Can you really afford to risk it?

Can you afford to risk losing your website and your income
overnight without warning?

How much money would you be losing if your website suddenly
got hacked or got infected with Malware tonight?

Just think of all the time and money it would cost you to rebuild
your website from scratch – with all the same content, settings,
themes, media, tags, descriptions, pages, posts?

It could take months, and hundreds (or thousands) of dollars in hired help.

Why risk it?

For just one small investment in WP Twin today you never have
to worry about all your hard work getting ripped away from you...

Just think...

  • No more worrying if, or when, your website will get taken down, cutting off your traffic and income overnight.
  • No more weeks or months of manually rebuilding your website from scratch after a Malware or hacker attack.
  • No more manually building niche affiliate websites from the ground up, every time you want to rank for a new long-tail keyword.
  • No more spending weeks, and hundreds (or thousands) of dollars, building websites for each new offline client

Invest today and get total piece of mind knowing that your entire website – including all your content, themes, plugins, settings, media, visitor comments, private data and user accounts – are safely backed up any time you want, at the push of a button.


Over ten thousand customers have used WP Twin to backup and clone their
sites... to protect their businesses... to duplicate their affiliate
sites to rank for new keywords... to create endless websites to
sell to offline biz owners... and I guarantee that you'll love how
easy it is, too.

However, if for some weird reason, you don't LOVE how easily
and quickly WP Twin backs up your entire website, including all
your content, plus all your other settings, plugins and precious

...and if you don't agree that it's the easiest, safest way to backup and restore your website...

... or if you find another tool that does everything that
WP Twin does for cheaper ...

... then you are entitled to a full refund during your 30 day test-
drive period.

No questions, no quibbles, no fine print.

But You Have to Act Today.

WP Twin is normally sold for a $297 per year which doesn't include the done for you sites you get today.

But today only you can get a special, limited-time access at an unbelievable low, no-monthly-payment option.

However, the price is increasing every few hours to reward fast action takers, and soon this deal will be taken down for good.

If you don't order today, chances are you'll miss out on this special deal for WP Twin and have to pay the high-ticket price for access without the DFY sites as well.

So, don't let your special deal slip away.

Go ahead now and press the 'buy now' button to secure your access:

WP Twin Lite (Agency Rights)

-Doesn't include the 6 DFY Cloned Sites

-50 Site Usage Key Limit
WpTwin Special Lite

Wp Twin Pro (Agency Rights)

(most popular edition)

- Does Include the DFY Sites

-Unlimited Site Key License
WpTwin Special Pro

One-time payment. No monthly contracts.
Includes 12 Months of Support and Updates!

P.S – You pay a lot of money to insure your car, your home and even your pets ... so why stop there?

You've worked hard to create a website that gets traffic
and sales. Why let a hacker, malware, a bag plugin, a buggy update or
some other glitch BREAK or STEAL your website and take all
that away from you?

It can happen to anyone. Nobody is safe from a sudden,
unexplained website crash or hack and having their business
taken away from them without warning.

The only thing you can do is insure yourself... with a complete
clone of your website, ready to deploy if your current site ever
goes down.

Remember, WP Twin is the most powerful clone tool available today, allowing you to...
  • Clone your entire website in just 4 clicks ... just upload WP Twin to your site, click clone from the settings, and boom...you've just created a carbon copy of your website, including all your pages, posts, apps, settings, data, content, comments, plugins, active and inactive themes, users, media, WP core, and your entire WP database...all safely cloned, ready to move to another domain or server if your current website ever goes down.
  • Simple restore ... restore your cloned website in seconds, by
    uploading your WP Twin clone file to the WordPress installation folder
    inside your cPanel then going to your site and clicking Deploy. That's it!
  • Works with all versions of WordPress ... and constantly
    updated to be bug free and reliable! Your purchase today even comes with 12 months of support and updates!
  • Clone any size website ... no time-outs or crashing from
    trying to clone a website over 2GB. WP Twin can effortlessly
    clone the biggest websites on the net, in seconds.
  • Works on any device ... Mac, PC, iPhone, Android
    compatible (basically anything with a web browser!), so you can always backup and clone your
    website, whenever you need to!
  • NOT a plugin ... WP Twin is not a plugin, so it can't
    crash and leave you high n' dry (if you're using a cloner
    plugin and your website crashes, that plugin will also
    become useless!)
P.P.S– This is more than just another clone tool

It's for affiliates. ... save hours of repetitive work when building new niche sites to rank for new long tail keywords, and simply clone your website to a new domain, with all the right plugins, settings and layouts that you need to get started.

It's for 'offline biz' consultants. ... make easy money by quickly cloning a "proven" website, and sell it over and over to new biz owners in your area.

But you need to hurry as the low price won't last much longer. Order now before the next big price increase!



I already have a backup plugin, why is everyone saying this one is so much better?

First, the backup plugin you have is probably just that... a WordPress plugin that when your site crashes will go down with your site leaving you unable to restore it. Also, almost all backup solutions will crash or time-out when trying to back-up medium to large sites and actually can't backup everything associated with the site to begin with UNLIKE WP Twin. Plus, those other solutions charge monthly fees, unlike the special offer today, where you can get WP Twin and the Agency Rights for a low, one-time cost that includes 12 months of support and updates.


Will I get support and updates fast for this?

Yes, you'll get support and updates to the software for 12 months, tutorials, and our famous '1 hour' response time were we answer tickets in under an average of 1 hour no matter what time of the day it is! As far as the DFY themes, these are full GPL themes which means you're getting the license keys and any tutorials that came with it, but it's up to you to provide the updates and support if you sell this to other clients.


Will I get unlimited backups and deploys?

Yes, you're getting what we call the 'Agency' rights meaning you can install use this on unlimited domains and do unlimited backups and deploys with the WP Twin 'Pro' version. You can see the exact license terms here (just don't buy from there or you will be paying the full price!)


What exactly comes with the themes? Do I have to set these up by hand?

Nope, these are already set up and cloned for you. All you have to do is deploy the WP Twin clone file for each and you're ready to go. Just add your unique content because the best plugins already installed, and important pages like 'privacy, TOS, and 'about us' pages are already created (just edit them if you wish). NOTE: We recommend you consult your own lawyer in regards to the private policy, TOS, and other legal pages provided with themes These are provided as examples only. Rapid Crush, Inc. and Murray Software LLC are not licensed to provide legal advice in any way, and we are not doing so. We are not responsible for any legal issues resulting from any of the provided cloned sites.


Can I come back later and buy this?

Sorry, but we don't play games. Once the timer expires the price is going to increase and like we said, this offer is available for a limited time only. If you don't take advantage today you'll most likely have to get WP Twin and the much higher ticket price without the Agency Rights and DFY themes.